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By: A Carr. Funeral Home

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

People who experience the death of a loved one will instantly feel a heightened level of pain and shock. You will be experiencing a depressing state as you pay respect to your loved ones and celebrate the life they lived. Most people are hesitant in attending the funeral or celebration of life since they are afraid that it will make their situation even more depressing. But remember that it is your final opportunity to say goodbye to them.

We here at Carr Funeral Homes also believe that it is the right time to begin the healing process by acknowledging that things will start to be different from this day forward.

The Aspects of a Service

There are at least four aspects that can be fulfilled during the ceremony; spiritual, social, physical and emotional. This ceremony can help us realise what matters most. We will understand how valuable life is. Whether attending a Funeral ceremony or a celebration of life this is a way to celebrate and share the memories of their life with the family. It is also the ideal time to let go of everything and acknowledge death.

Create a Support System

Understanding that others are suffering depression at this moment too, depending on their level of closeness and relationship to the deceased can bring you closer and help each other through this trying time. By attending the service, you are providing support for each other by simply sharing this moment together. It is a way to foster relationship and make your bond stronger. By seeking your support system, you will be able to start the healing process.

Paying Respect

While you are paying your final tribute to the deceased, everyone will be able to remember the beauty of the life they lived. They will be able to share some fond memories and stories that highlight their meaningful life. It allows them to express their love to the deceased through gathering and emotion. There is also a point in the occasion where the family will give a memorial tribute to their loved one. Attending the service is an opportunity for you to honour their life.

Celebrate Life

Attending the service means that you are celebrating the life of the deceased. Stories and memories will be shared, and it connects those people who are currently grieving. This is an opportunity for everyone to recall how the life of that person affected theirs and that it will never be the same again without them.

Remember that attending the service is your last chance to say farewell to the deceased loved one. In case you would like to speak with a professional during these trying times, give Carr Funeral Homes a call. With a long experience in the funeral industry in Kingston, New York, you can guarantee that they will be able to comfort you in your grieving process.

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By: A Carr. Funeral Home

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Most people avoid talking about their funeral preferences and their last wishes because the topic of death makes them uncomfortable. However, talking to your family about your last wishes and your funeral preferences is important to make the funeral process less confusing and difficult later on. Everyone has their own funeral preferences and beliefs about dying and death. An end of life conversation is made up of many practical matters. These matters can include:

Financial and Legal

Knowing if there is a will, and where the will is located is very important as the funeral staff, and the government are going to need a copy. You should also make sure that the will is up-to-date, and that all the estate has been planned.


This is a hard question to answer. The question of where you would like to spend your last days is not an answered easily. You also need to think about assigning a power of attorney if you cannot make decisions about your health care.

 Funeral Preferences

There are various options for funeral services, and many choices for caskets, urns, and memorial pieces. You need to make it clear if you want to be cremated or buried. You should also talk about the type of service that you want because there are many ‘traditional’ options and custom options available for funerals. Here at Keyser Funeral Home we have put a lot of time and effort into making the "Celebration of Life" completely customizable to honor the life of a loved one. There are many personal factors that can be included and specially unique.


Spiritual and religious beliefs can affect the way that you or a loved one sees death. These beliefs also affect what funeral services are acceptable, as there are many religious that do not allow for cremation.

Approaching the Topic

The topic of funeral preferences and a person’s last wishes is a hard topic to bring up. You will need to find an appropriate time to have this conversation with your family. You should make sure that there is a lot of time, and that you are both calm. You will need to be careful in the way that you bring up these topics because many people become defensive when the topic of death comes up.

Should You Pre-Arrange The Funeral?

Pre-arranging can help your family after your passing, as you can plan all the aspects of your funeral or celebration of life. You can also start paying for the service, so there is less financial stress on your family.

No one likes to think about their death, but making your last wishes known can make the process for your family easier. There are many ways to make your last wishes known even if you cannot speak with your loved ones about them. If you need any information about how to set up your last wishes, you can contact our staff here at Carr funeral home. We would be happy to help you find the information that you need.

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By: A. Carr Funeral Home

Monday, January 16, 2017

At Carr & Son Funeral Home, we are often approached by people who are asking about funeral etiquette. As a way of respecting the deceased, as well as the family who has been left behind, it is important to be aware about the right things to do during a funeral, and most importantly, what should be avoided? With this, keep on reading, and we’ll share with you some of the essential things to know about funeral etiquette.

Proper Funeral Attire: When it comes to funeral etiquette, one of the most important concerns would be what to wear. Black or white are the best colours to wear as it shows sympathy. Do not wear anything that comes with bright colour. Especially for ladies, make sure to be appropriately covered. Consult with religious customs of the family as well to know what you can wear.

Greeting People: When discussing funeral etiquette, you should also know how to approach the family members of the deceased. This is a crucial time in their life, so be sure to greet them in the most respectful way that is possible. Traditional funeral etiquette dictates that a simple “Hello” will be more than enough. Avoid greeting someone loudly or in a jolly manner. Lengthy conversations are also best to be avoided.

Time of Visit: Another funeral etiquette that you should be familiar with would be when the best time to visit is. Respect the requests and privacy of the family. Know if there are any restrictions that have been set by the family. If you are part of the service, be there as early as possible as there are still briefings on the things that should be done. For the wake, when you visit at night, make sure to stay as quiet as possible. For close family and friends, visiting as soon as the news broke out is recommended.

Offering Sympathy: This is another critical thing when it comes to funeral etiquette. Finding the right words to say can be tricky. It would be best to keep your condolences short, or better yet, just offer a sympathy card. Writing personalised sympathy notes will be well-appreciated.

Bringing Kids: Funeral etiquette dictates that as much as possible, you should avoid bringing little ones in the funeral. They can end up crying and playing around, which will disrupt the funeral service or wake. If the child is old enough and is really interested in being in the funeral, you can bring him or her. It would be best to sit at the back.

Stop wondering about what is right or what is wrong. You can get in touch with us at Carr & Son Funeral Home to know more about funeral etiquette. 

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By: A. Carr Funeral Home

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

To the eyes of many, cemeteries are seen as dark, gloomy places associated with evils and darkness and all that scary stuff, however, your local cemetery is more than just a burial place for loved ones who have passed away. At Carr & Sons Funeral Home, we view a cemetery as more than just that – we see such a place as a;

Memorial Location

Long after the funeral and burial of a loved one, family members may decide to organise an anniversary service to honour the life of the loved one that passed away. What better place to hold such a memorial ceremony than at the final resting place of your departed loved one? Such a location will create a somber environment where you can relieve the beautiful moments you shared while they were still alive and kicking.

A Bond between Families Members

Death can have devastating effects on our life. It gets harder and harder to move on the more you remember the beautiful moments you shared with your deceased loved one. A cemetery can offer family members space to open up and grieve about their passed-away loved one. If you have suffered death recently then joining up with family members and going to your local cemetery where the burial took place can be of physiological help. 

Historical Community Connection

In the event that a disaster killed a large of number of local people, for example, a school shooting or a flooding, a cemetery can offer a space where the community can gather and remember the lost loved ones. This sense of togetherness in mourning gives you courage to move on even when it seems it’s impossible to move on after the funeral service. Moreover, important, prominent people within your locality who were buried at the local cemetery can give you a sense of the importance of the burial ground.

Escape From Day to Day Activities

The cemetery is associated with a serene environment of solitude and quietness. If you live in urban areas such as cities, you have an idea of how noisy such places can get. It is almost possible to lose your mind while stuck in traffic, juggling day to day responsibilities, school, work, etc. The serenity of a cemetery can offer a relaxing atmosphere as you remember the loved ones you lost.

 If you are considering a funeral, then you know that a cemetery will offer a good resting place for your loved ones.

 Overall, if you have any questions, enquiries or suggestions including additions into this and/or any other related topics, or you want to enquire about our funeral services, do not hesitate, call Carr & Sons Funeral Home today.

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By: A. Carr Funeral Home

Thursday, August 25, 2016

After a loved one has passed there are many ways in which you can honor them and share memories and stories with your family and friends. The passing of a loved one is a painful experience and one that you typically will always feel in your heart. Honoring your loved one is a way to keep your memories of them alive and show respect to them after they are gone.

Here are five ways in which you can honor your loved one:

Plant a Tree: Finding a plot of land either on your property or somewhere you have obtained permission to do so, is a way in which you can grow and nurture life through the memory of your loved one. This tree represents the cycle of life and can be a tribute to your loved one. A plaque with their name, birth date and date of death can also be displayed where the tree has been planted.

Special Collection: If your loved one had a passion or love for something specific that reminds you of them you can create a special collection in your home. For example, if they loved traveling you can dedicate one nook, or wall to photos of places they have seen or always dreamed of visiting.

Charity or Donations: You can do charitable work for a foundation that your loved one was passionate about and spoke of often. Perhaps they volunteered often at this foundation or organization. Making donations in their name and volunteering your time is a way to honor your loved one and pay it forward on their behalf.

Scrap Book or Photo Albums: Putting together photos and memorabilia of your loved one into a book that can be looked through or shown to others often is a great way to honor your loved one. You can get together with the family and spend a day it putting together in a way that represents the deceased.

Balloon Message: Either on your own when you feel like there is something you want to tell your loved on, or with your family and friends on a special day, sending balloon messages can feel as if you are connecting with your loved one. Get a couple of balloons, tie them at the knot with ribbon, say a few words out loud or personally and send the balloon up into the sky and watch as it drifts away.

You create your own ways to pay tribute to your loved one. This can be a family tradition you do on a special day or occasion or a time you dedicate to an honorary tribute. If you have any other questions on this topic you can contact our professionals at, A. Carr Funeral Home, here. 

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By: A. Carr Funeral Home

Monday, August 22, 2016

There are many advantages and benefits to pre-planning your funeral service that meet all your needs and desires, that allow your friends and family to celebrate your life the way you wish and desire.

Having the ability to design this plan allows you to make the decisions that may otherwise be difficult for your loved ones that are going through an emotional time.  They may end up guessing what it is you would have wanted, whereas a plan will give them concrete direction to make this day a special one that means a lot to you.

Your Personal Preferences

Funeral & Memorial Services: Location, including either a funeral home, church or graveside. A wake, viewing or visitation for friends and/or family, the hours it will be held, and preference of a private or public service.

  • Burial, Entombment, Cremation: Which one you prefer with detailed specifics.
  • Additional Info: Flowers, Clothing, Jewelry, Casket or Urn, and Music.

Once you have personalized your funeral from the look of it, the course of action, and the vibe, you are ready to meet with the funeral home to set a service plan in place that meets all your needs.

What if I Already Have an Existing Plan but Want to Switch Funeral Homes

Things happen and life can shift us around sometimes. Our needs and wants may change at some point, or even our zip codes, for that matter. Just remember that these are your arrangements and they are completely customized to fit not only your desires but also your circumstances.

During the process of setting up your original pre-plan, it was determined what type of account you would have, either revocable or irrevocable. The selection is based on whether or not you are going through Medicaid or not. Medicaid accounts cannot be revoked through the funeral home, instead, you need to contact them directly to make the change on your records. If you have a revocable account, you can go through the funeral home to make these changes.

However, if you have deposited money, it has to say where the original pre-need arrangement and pre-paid account is, until after the death occurs. At that point, the money can be transferred to your new location.

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By: A. Carr Funeral Home

Sunday, May 1, 2016

People sometimes choose a funeral home based on its proximity to their house or because it's the mortuary that family members have used before. These aren't necessarily bad reasons, but it may make sense to examine your choices more completely in order to get the services and the value that your family deserves. Our Kingston funeral homes have proudly served local families for several decades, and we strive to offer a wide selection of services and options to suit anyone's funeral needs.

Word of mouth can be an excellent way to learn about which funeral homes your friends and family members have had good experiences with in the past. Before you visit any of these candidates, contact them via telephone. The Federal Trade Commission has established a Funeral Rule that compels mortuaries to disclose certain information. One of the things that funeral home personnel must disclose is pricing information. Because budgetary concerns are often at the top of people's minds when planning a funeral, this is an important component. If you call two or three funeral homes, you may soon discover that their pricing covers a wide range. It isn't necessarily advisable to go with the cheapest option, as this does not always guarantee the best value. Instead, it makes sense to visit the funeral homes that are within your price range and appear to offer the type of services that you prefer.

Most funeral homes are able to meet with new clients on relatively short notice. These initial meetings are the perfect opportunity to decide whether or not the mortuary is a good candidate. During this consultation, you can expect to receive an itemized price list that you can take home. This helps enormously if you are comparison shopping. The funeral director that you meet with will likely inform you of your rights, such as the fact that you do not have to buy any goods or services that you don't want. They'll probably also let you know that you can provide a casket or urn that you purchased elsewhere. If the funeral director is not upfront about pricing or if they seem to be pressuring you to purchase goods and services you don't want, then it's best to find another provider.

In addition to offering plenty of valuable information, you'll gain an impression of the funeral director and their establishment. Look for an individual who is warm, knowledgeable and compassionate. It is extremely comforting to work with someone who is a consummate professional and is willing to go out of their way to accommodate your family's preferences. That's how we operate at our funeral homes in Kingston NY, and we believe that is how every funeral director should approach their work. Unfortunately, reality does not always reflect this ideal. Don't be hesitant to look for a better alternative if you feel uncomfortable at an initial meeting.

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